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Alexandra Andreica

Spontaneous realism paintings  -  Oversized paintings  -  Original artworks


Original Artworks

Frida Kahlo 3 90x90cm.jpg

Fine Art Prints

marilyn monroe and robert redford.jpg

Frida's Universe is a collection of 1000 artworks portraying the artist Frida Kahlo.


Each artwork is sold as an NFT and as a Limited Edition of 1 , each sold individually.


You can purchase the original print on this page and you can purchase the NFT on Opensea.

The Other Avatars is a series of handmade, originally-designed, and stylistically-varied avatars inspired by the self-portraits of renowned Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh. 

This are my 20 artworks created for The Other Avatars by Saatchi Art project. Each artwork is sold separately of the NFT.

van gogh physicals expo.jpg
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