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Frida's Universe

Frida's Universe is a collection of 1000 artworks portraying the artist Frida Kahlo. Each artwork is sold as an NFT and as a Limited

Edition of 1 , each sold individually. You can purchase the original print on this page and you can purchase the NFT on Opensea.

The avatars were created based on a series of traditional paintings on canvas, which have been digitised, altered and added a series of traits to create one-of-a-kind artworks. Every avatar is a unique collectable NFT, inspired by Frida's life and work.

Each artwork is sold separately of the NFT as a Limited Edition of 1 Giclée print on archival paper 

Original print - ​Size: 18 x 18 inches with an extra 1 inch border around, making it a total of 20 x 20 inches - £250 each

NFT - 0.1 Ethereum each

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