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The Mad King

The Mad King

32 x 40 inches

Original fine artwork on canvas 100% hand painted


The painting "The Mad King"  features an abstract style with vibrant colors and bold, gestural brushstrokes. The painting is primarily acrylic on canvas, with the paint layered in thick, expressive strokes that convey a sense of movement and energy. The composition is dominated by a large central figure, which appears to be a king or ruler of some kind, with a crown and regal robes. The figure's face is distorted and contorted, with wild, exaggerated features that suggest a sense of madness or instability. The background of the painting is a chaotic swirl of color and texture, with various abstract shapes and forms swirling around the central figure. Overall, the painting has a sense of raw, unbridled emotion and intensity that is characteristic of abstract expressionist art.


Large original acrylic painting on canvas, made with professional colors and quality canvas so you will have your original artwork for a lifetime to enjoy. The painted image is extended around all four sides. The painting comes stretched on wood bars, signed and dated, completely ready to hang, accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.


The painting will be delivered directly to your door via world-class courier. I professionally pack your new fine artwork to ensure it gets to you safely in whichever corner of the world you may be. In addition, your painting will be fully insured for shipment free of charge, complimentary of the studio. Extra large paintings come delivered in crates custom made for the painting.

My shop is very little so please allow 2-4 weeks for me to prepare the painting for delivery. It will 100% be worth the wait!

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