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12 x 16 inches

Original fine artwork on canvas 100% hand painted. 

Black frame included


At the core of the composition, an abstracted face emerges, conveying a sense of strength and resilience. Within this enigmatic visage, a tapestry of symbols and elements intertwine, inviting viewers to decipher their own meanings and narratives. Among these symbols are eyes, a crown, the Greek letters alpha (α) and omega (Ω), and a triangle. These elements represent facets of power, knowledge, and transcendence. The word "fight" serves as a potent reminder of the ongoing struggle for truth, even in the face of silence and adversity.


In this artwork, I delve into figurative abstraction, capturing a central face adorned with symbols of power and transcendence. Vibrant shades of green, pink, white, and red against a black backdrop evoke resilience, vulnerability, truth, and determination. Through dynamic lines and shapes, the painting embodies the indomitable spirit of fighting for truth, even when silenced. "Undefeated" celebrates the unwavering pursuit of justice and resilience in the face of adversity, inviting viewers to reflect on their own unwavering commitment to truth.

My shop is very little so please allow 2-4 weeks for me to prepare the painting for delivery. It will 100% be worth the wait!

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